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Innovative Potential

Forget everything you know about personality tests.

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The ACT Assessment

Archetype Discovery

This portion of the assessment will reveal your Archetype based on your Skills, Talents, and Rank.

There are three main Archetypes based off of the ACT Model: Architect, Creative, and Techie.

Which one do you gravitate towards?

  • Architect

    The pragmatic visionary with a business mindset.

  • Creative

    The prolific artist who manifests visions into life.

  • Techie

    The meticulous builder who transforms ideas into steps.

Innovation Mindset

There are two types of thinkers who set the groundwork for innovation: Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs.

Neither is better nor worse because innovation knows no boundaries.

Unveiling the layers of your mindset, we will help you understand how you link knowledge to action and how your natural tendencies determine your innovative role.

Team Cohesion Quotient

One of the top reasons why startups fail is team disharmony. We’re here to fix that.

Based on these three core pillars of Team Cohesion, you’ll understand how you communicate with others, your preferred style of collaboration, and your willingness (or unwillingness) to compromise.

  • Communication

    Is your communication style Passive, Exploratory, or Dominant?

  • Collaboration

    Do you approach projects in a task-oriented mindset or a people-oriented manner?

  • Compromise

    Are you steadfast in your ways or are you open to accommodating others?

Take the Assessment

There’s no secret – just one formula that’s been perfected over time.

Since 2017, ACT House launched national hackathons for teams to form and test ideas.

What started from a 10% success rate for prototyping, it quickly reached an all-time high when we used our ACT model and methodology.

Knowing that every team needs an Architect, Creative, and Techie, the ACT Model serves as the strong foundational backbone of team formation and product development.

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