What is ACT House?

ACT House offers an alternative to traditional student housing. We combine affordable living and innovation amenities in a co-living model to accelerate the creation of minority owned ventures. ACT House offers students the opportunity to live in one house, build a winning team and launch their own startup (yes! we are talking about a real-life business) within one year (don’t worry… you can always stay longer 😎). During your stay in ACT House, we will guide you in unlocking your entrepreneurial mindset and provide you real-life experience of creating a startup alongside likeminded individuals.

For us ACT stands for many things. We are team of acronyms 😉 However, ACT reflects our proprietary team model that combines a business and systems mindset (the Architect), the marketer, brander and designer (the Creative), and the maker, doer, and programmer (the Techie) to put it all together.

What are the characteristics of an architect?

An architect is characterized as an individual that is business-minded and embraces skills in user experience, user research and market strategy. Architects are ability to be visionary while also pragmatic and in tune with people.

What are the characteristics of a creative?

A creative is characterized as a design centered person who focuses on marketing, building brand identity, user interface design and often connects the overall story to the user.

What are the characteristics of a techie?

The techie specializes in manufacturing the actual product. These are individuals that are makers, doers, and love to build with their hands. They can be individuals who are back, front-end, or full-stack developers to makers who love to build products, that are tech-enabled and non-tech enabled.

How long is the program?

Our program runs annually with an option to renew your program membership.

How long will I be in the House?

Just about a year long. Our program begins in July with your move in date in August and move-out in the beginning of July.

Is there a curriculum that is followed while creating the startup?

Hell yeah! You think we would just let you walk out here on your own? Not at all. Our curriculum is intensive. Pairing each startup team with mentors and program facilitators that you meet with weekly to enhance skill, human, and leadership development.

What will I gain from the program?

Along with building a startup, you will develop leadership skills, experience in product and business development and expand your social and business networks. Furthermore and above all, you will develop community.

What kind of startup will I be building?

While we can't promise your startup will reach a million sales, we can promise that you will be building ventures that solve REAL WORLD problems. Our corporate partners work with us to identify problems in VR, FinTech, Retail, Agriculture, Consumer Products and many more to provide fellows with realworld problems and/or unutilized intellectual property.

How many other people will I be living with?

Depends. How many do you want?

Is the living situation co-ed?

Absolutely, for the past two years we have had diverse teams of men and women building a startup together. You will be sharing a spacious room with another fellow. We encourage the shared space to inspire collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

How much does the program cost?

Our program cost, which encompasses shelter, is 75% of the market rate rate of rent in your city. For example, our ACT House in Tallahassee the market rate of rent in Tallahassee. So our program cost for this year will be $525/mth.

Where is this ACT House?

To protect our community and our fellows, we do not disclose the physical location of the house. However, the house is located in the innovation district, close by Railroad Square. Centrally located, and in safe walking distance, between the universities in Tallahassee, Florida.

What does the application process entail?

Please know one thing. We make sure that everyone living in the house is serious about collaborating together and respecting each other which is why we have a process similar to how Chick-Fil-A inspects their chicken! LOL! So here is a little insight to how we vet our fellows. It's pretty thorough.

Our First Step is the Screening Process. This get's you on base and the application is very After you submit an application, our team will review it. It’s pretty simple.

Our Second Step is Application: We have a committee that sits and deliberates on each application and reviews all of your application materials. You will be asked to complete an online assessment to evaluate your fit with the potential team. Afterwards, you will be invited to a first round interview.

Our Third Step is Innovation Interview: Bring your A-game and focus on leaving an impact not an impression. This interview is a build-a-thon and we want to see what you got! How you work in teams, what skills do you have, and how effective can you think. It's just like trying out for a sports team, but only for a startup team!

After that, we hide away, select teams and see what happens next!

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