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Join us on March 30th, 2023, for an exclusive event to learn about the founders who are disrupting industries and creating high-impact solutions for the community, from our community!

Cohort 3 Companies


Venita Cooper - Founder

Arbit is a pricing intelligence platform for the sneaker aftermarket. By analyzing existing prices to provide a sneaker’s fair market value, Arbit helps buyers & sellers make more informed choices.


Ashton Keys - Founder

Athlytic helps student athletes leverage their image and name to connect with brands and secure partnerships. The platform allows high-achieving athletes pair with the perfect brands to maximize impact with high-quality content.


Catalina Del Risco, Ileana Del Risco, Andrea Del Risco - Founders

Modi is solving the $62 billion apparel problem of sizing returns by using machine learning and AI technology to transform the digital shopping experience. Better fits mean less returns and more profit for brands.


Tim & Brandee Butler - Founders

FundHub is the premier fundraising platform connecting grant seekers with eligible grant opportunities and professional writers in an all-in-one educational marketplace powered by AI.

Good Girl Chocolate

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND - Founder

What if you could devour decadent chocolates, completely guilt-free? Good Girl Chocolate is leading the healthy charge on Bean to Bar chocolates that satisfies sweet tooths and health nuts alike, serving all lifestyles from being plant-based, gluten-free, paleo, keto, vegan, and more!


Patience Gitau - Founder

NurseBridge is the Uber for medical staffing that connects healthcare professionals with the jobs they desire by using AI-powered analytics in an all-inclusive staffing platform.

Naomi Thomas - Founder bridges the skills gap between education & the workforce by turning brands into universities. Jobseekers can train through the curriculum of tech careers that align with their interests, talents, and values.


Jourdan Brunson & Tameshia Rudd-Ridge - Founders

kinkofa is the only family history platform focused on connecting and reuniting Black families. Through a collaborative platform and DNA test kits, kinkofa allows Black folx to easily uncover, document, and preserve their unique origin stories.

The Red Tacos

Emmanuel Lujano - Founder

The Red Tacos’ mouth-watering Mexican birria tacos bring a level of care and authenticity that bolsters Tulsa’s growing culinary scene. Their secret is a multigenerational-old recipe turned into a “Secret Marinade” where people will finally get to make their own birria tacos at home!

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