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Why ACT House

Our model is centered around the idea of team formation. Each team includes an Architect (a business mind), a Creative (brander and designer), and a Techie (a dope programmer).

As an ACT House fellow, you will attend workshops and team building sessions in order to solve real-world problems and create new products and technologies.

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What to Expect

ACT House is the ultimate hub for young innovators who wish to grow their skills, develop their entrepreneurial mindset, and create new products and services. We achieve this through a program and place model focusing on providing co-living, co-incubation, and collaboration.

More about Our Approach

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Each home is specifically designed to encourage collaboration and innovation between the fellows residing in it. The house is strategically located near the University/College in a developing area, to provide students with a seamless experience and to spur economic development in this area.


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