Our Program

Our Program rests on the sole premise that every team needs an architect (a business mind), a creative (brander and designer), and a technical (a kick ass programmer).

How It Works

Village Capital

We build out a cool, tech-enabled space for students to create and partner with institutions and other organizations help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Building a Mindset

We address entrepreneurship through experiential learning. We enable and empower our Fellows through leadership development and conversations with industry titans.

Ideas that Launch

Product development can be a pain, which is why we lead our Fellows in discovery methods to understand their customer and launch their product fast.

Our Model

Our Partners

Our Process

Our process is defined by three core functions.

Business Development

We take our Fellows through intensive research sessions so they can understand their idea, product, customer, market, and competitors.

Leadership Development

We facilitate strategy sessions with our Fellows so they can begin planning their product development, roles and responsibilities, and timelines.

Product Development

We encourage our Fellows to build using iterative methods to create their product from start to finish. And then we test for improvements.

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