Our Fellows

Thanks to our partnership with FAMU, we have selected three fellows to participate in the ACT House program this year. These 3 individuals each bring a unique set of skills and experiences to their team as they work together to launch a startup. Discover who they are below.

Introducing Our Fellows

A Fellow is someone who has committed to joining a team and collaborating to develop and launch a startup during one school term while living and working together in the ACT House.



I am Sydney Holness; the Architect for the ACT House team and a senior Business Administration student. I am constantly seeking new information and opportunities to further my skill set and open new doors for myself. The ACT House has afforded me the opportunity to get a head start on my aspiration to be a serial entrepreneur and to learn more about myself personally and professionally. I will remain grateful for this life changing experience!



I'm Wallace, the creative brain on the team. ACT House is truly a once in a life time experience. The process to creating a startup has developed my leadership skills and challenges me creatively every day.



I am Freddie Triplet, a Computer Science student from Tallahassee, FL with a passion for animation, gaming, and programming and I'm loving the ACT HOUSE so far. Thanks to everything I've learned from the facilitated sessions we've had an the sprints we've gone through, I've been able to apply these things to help me better plan to succeed in all that I do.

3 Keys to Being A Dope Fellow

Creating a successful team culture at the ACT House starts with an individual commitment to honor and follow these 3 major keys as a Fellow.


Adapt to Change

The ACT House isn’t a classroom and business isn’t a daycare center. There will be constant change and challenges that will require flexibility and maturity.


Interest in Entrepreneurship

It doesn’t matter what you're learning. It matters what you do with it and how you use your knowledge to identify problems and seek to develop solutions.


Desire to Grow

A commitment to grow and improve is imperative for true success in anything that you choose to do. Everyday is an opportunity to do better and be better.

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